About Us

Saneeshwar Animations International (SAI) 

is a Pvt., Ltd. company established  in Pondicherry, India.

       Our focus is to carry out the research in pedagogies and appropriate instructional models in the associated fields with the aim of effecting edutainment projects at reasonable proportion. It empowers the students to use their full potential and to improve their human capital value across the world.

Our Vision and Mission are society concerned

Contributing education through affordable edutainment services and ignite the young minds
with painless learning stuffs.

Improve the value of education through edutainment essentials by respecting the efforts of learners, educators and parents across the World.

       Our prestigious and revolutionary project is ‘TOON SCHOLAR’. Its objective is to bridge the gap between FOUR prime elements of Science of Education – Learning, Interest, Cost and Safety.


       Toon Scholar is a boon to the students to have high quality edutainment lessons through variety of fun‑and‑learn instructional models at the most affordable tariffs to benefit every sector of the International Society.

Foster All the Stakeholders

        Being a parent or teacher for Kids is very hard, but ‘Toon Scholar’ makes it so easier and indeed3 improves their role and value. Toon Tutors Addressing the Concerns of All the Stakeholders Irrespective of their Roles as a Learner, Teacher or Parent.

Enjoy the Advantages of Toon Scholar

Dear Students

Education Through Entertainment Stuffs
Lessons as Animated Video Episodes – First of its Kind for All Primary Grades
Lessons as Attractive Rhymes and Songs – First of its Kind in the World
Interactive Worksheets – First of its Kind in the World
Cool Graphics and Interesting Animations with Pet Characters
Untangle the Complexity and Ease of Understanding the Theories & Concepts
Reduced Effort in Learning the Concepts
Edutainment Stuffs as Catalyst for the Kids needs Extra Assistance
Encouraging Independent Learning
Enhance the Rate of Attention
Improves the Analytical Competency of Children
Real-world Examples and Empathetical Learning
Supports Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

Appreciate the Advantages of Toon Scholar and Channelize it to Your Students

Dear Teachers

Toon Scholar Teachers Appreciates Teaching Through Effective Learning Components

Diversified Pedagogical Resources

 Making the Teacher as Best Instructional Specialist

Versatile Strategies and Practices for Learners Engagement

 Ease of Classroom Management

Reduce the Efforts of the Teacher in Preparation

 Offers Global Perceptions in Each Lesson to the Educators

Enabling them in Developing Thinking Classrooms

  Making of Fun Classrooms and Fun Learning

Encyclopedia-like Subject Books offer Best Referential Platform for the Teachers

Voluminous Digital Teaching Resources Develop Educators’ Skills, which is Arguably More Important

Inline Multimedia Segments Tailored with the Textual Sections will act as the Self-Explanatory Compilation

Offer the Advantages of Toon Scholar to Your Children

Dear Parents

         Toon Scholar Empathetically Realizing the Burdens and Efforts of Parents and so, it is made as World’s Most Affordable Package with Excellent Learning Components

• Merging Entertainment Time Slot with Education
• The Most Affordable Edutainment Package in the World
• Supports Effective Learning for All Kids
• Offers Efficient (Cost Effective) Learning
• Pet Tutors Make the Children Happy in Learning
• Advances the Self-Motivated Learning and so Kids are Bound to be Excited to Learn
• Intensify Parents’ Gratification

Meet our team



Shri. Lingareddy Kannan, B.E.
Technical Head
Shri. Manish Atmaramani, B.Com., MBA (Marketing)
Business Development Head
Dr. L. Palany, B.E., MBA, Ph.D.

About Dr. P. Dhavachelvan, M.E., Ph.D., MBA (Edu. Mgt.)

Work Experience

  • Former Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science, Pondicherry Central University, Pondicherry.
  • 23+ years of experience in Teaching, Research and Administration.
  • Credited in 285 research articles & books publications at National & International Level; and attributed in 1 National Standard and 4 Patents.

About Dr. L. Palany, B.E., MBA, Ph.D.

Work Experience

  • Former Senior Manager, Delta Groups, MNC.
  • 20+ years of experience in Administration.
  • Attributed in 1 Patent and innovative workflows in Media Production.

About Shri. Lingareddy Kannan, B.E.

Work Experience

  • 20+ Years of experience in Multimedia Industry.
  • Alumni of New York Film Academy.
  • Rich experience in AR and VR technologies.

About Mrs. S. Abiramy, M.Sc., B.Ed. (Science), M.Sc., M.Phil. (IT)

Work Experience

  • 20+ Years of experience in School Education.
  • Credited in 12 research articles and attributed in 1 Patent.

About Dr. N. Danapaquiame, M.E., Ph.D.

Work Experience

  • Currently working as the Professor and Head, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SMVEC, Pondicherry.
  • 20+ years of experience in Teaching, Research and Administration.
  • Credited in 80 research articles & books publications at National & International Level.